About Me

My name is Benjamin Hall. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania with my two brothers and two sisters and also with my parents, Jim and Gina. My family is a great blessing to me.

If you read my story of what the Lord has done in my life you would have read that my parents raised me in the Lehigh Valley Baptist Church ever since I was a baby. It is because I have been in this environment and a Christian home that the Lord has opened many opportunities for me. My parents along with my church have created a number of opportunities for me to go out of the country and see how the gospel is shared in other in other place by missionaries. I have had the blessing of being to Nome, Alaska; Scotland, Czech Republic; Busan, South Korea; South Africa, Panama and Thailand. It is through these type of experiences that have developed me and brought my to the place I am now in my life.

Upon graduating from Emmaus Baptist Academy I felt the Lord leading me to become a missionary. I began to study the Bible at my churches Bible Institute (Lehigh Valley Bible Baptist Institute). I also began some local speech classes at Kutztown  University and Lehigh Community College. Since I also felt the importance of knowing a skill in addition to being a preacher I continued my skill of video editing which I have been doing since I was in highschool.

I have edited about nine weddings with up to four cameras. There  have also been other opportunities at the church to do video work. I have also continued practicing a variety of instruments to play for different events and for my church and family. I have been playing the Piano the longest since I started when I was in second grade and that instrument was followed by the trumpet which I have been playing since about fifth grade. My other instruments (guitar, mountain dulcimer, ocarina, and harp) have all followed along through my highschool and college years. I also recently took on the challenge of getting into iPhone programming with a friend of mine and listed the “My Prayer Lists” program on the Apple store which turned out very well.

The Lord continues to lead me on with these skills which look like they will be be useful for me as I continue on. It is a blessing to see how the Lord is leading my steps and how he can use skills which I like doing for his work. I’ve seen so many opportunities how I can use these skills to serve the Lord. Every time I have the opportunity to use them for the Lord it makes me so thankful that the Lord has given me each skill.

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