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My Bible Plan

“My Bible Plan” is the perfect addition to your favorite Bible app or your standard paper Bible. Today you can set a schedule, faithfullly read your Bible and see your daily progress with this Bible plan app.

“My Bible Plan” is a great accountability tool so you can look back over the last month, 3 months or year and see how many verses you’ve read.

My Bible Plan also links directly to the Prayer application “My Prayer Lists” so once your finished your Bible reading you  can move right into your prayer time.

Create as many plans as your would like. Tap the + button at the top of the screen and simply select the days of the week you would like to read, a beginning and end passage as well as the day you would like to start and finish. “My Bible Plan” will divide your passage into a new passage every day and once you check off your passage the amount of verses for that passage you read will be posted into that graph for that day.

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