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My Bible Verse

The Bible truly has the answer for every question we have in life. Now with “My Bible Verse” you can find topics of interest that include verses to help you meditate on God’s Word and tell others of the hope that lies within you.

There are 227 topics for you to search, Topics such as

Abiding in Christ

Love for Sinners

Surrendered Heart



Victory over the Flesh

I highly recommend that you memorize these verses and also use them in your prayer time as you communicate with God.

Functions in this application include:

A New Daily Verse

Marking Verses as Favorites

Searching Topics

Email Verses


Copy Verses to use in “My Prayer Lists”

This application is available completely free with no ads because of the sales from “My Prayer Lists” and “My Bible Plan”.

These applications have been a blessing to so many Christians and now these apps are linked directly in “My Bible Verse”  so you can easily move from one app to the other.

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