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Veggie Pickin

This exciting strategic game of picking Veggies is super fun in both Single and Multiplayer mode.

Do you think you have the “Green Thumb” in the family. Well, try out Veggie Pickin and see if you have what it takes to become the digi veggie picking master.

As the vegetables come on the screen quickly drawn a line between the two vegetables and make sure you don’t get your vegetables eaten by the bugs that make their way across the screen.

Those little bugs will gobble your points up if you let them so be careful to not let your partner beat you as he hurries ahead to get more vegetables packed away in his point basket.

As your points increase the more vegetables you’ll have to pick, so keep up the work because if they go off the screen the game will come to an abrupt end.

Compete against your friends with the peer to peer bluetooth ability and grab the vegetables together and see who gets the most points.

A fun exciting game that you will play often with your friends.


TRY Veggie Pickin TODAY!!!

– Veggie Pickin comes with 8 beautifully designed backgrounds

– A playful music soundtrack will keep you picking your way through

– Helpful instructions with graphics will show you the exciting game play

– Pick the Vegetables on your own or have your friend join you to make the game even more exciting!

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